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June 2017

Welcome to Nell Gwynn Nursery

At Nell Gwynn  and Ann Bernadt Nurseries we create safe, nurturing environments where everyone is known and valued and where needs are acknowledged, accepted and met. We are dynamic schools with an inclusive ethos which ensures there are consistently high expectations for all.

Healthier Baking

“We have been talking about how we need to eat nutritious food in order to remain healthy. We realised that we shouldn’t bake cake every time the mood takes us but that we might try baking something else. We have made so much progress in our mathematical learning through baking that we decided to try soda bread. We looked up a recipe on the tablet, bought the ingredients from the shop and helped each other produce this delicious loaf. Would you like the recipe?”


The sunny weather looks like it’s on the way again, please don’t forget the sunscreen

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Summer Term 2017

This term at Nell Gwynn we will be:

*   Visited by Surrey Docks Farm

*   Continuing the early reading project with St. Mary Magdalene Primary School

*   Preparing children for transition to Primary School

*   Learning about pond life through visits to a local pond

*   Finding out about Forest School and outdoor learning in Sweden through 12

      staff visiting  Swedish nurseries in half-term

*    Participating in ‘Take One Picture’ at the National Gallery

*   Learning songs and rhymes in Mandarin through Little Mandarin classes

*   Getting ready for our Nell Gwynn Carnival

Growing at Nell Gwynn

We actively encourage you to come in and get involved with growing activities. It would be great to see a wider variety of plants growing in our gardens and there will be opportunities for children to plant individual pots which can then be taken home. Please get involved and ask staff for further information.


Mandarin Classes at Nell Gwynn

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A fun way to learn Mandarin Chinese at Nell Gwynn



 Safeguarding                           Tales Toolkit                      Online Safety

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It’s Great to be Two!!!Summer Term 2017


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