Discovery Zone Spring Term 2015






In the Discovery Zone this term we have been finding out about properties of materials using our senses to smell, look, taste and touch.

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We have visited the local shops to buy ingredients for cooking with one of our parents.

The children made African buns using flour, milk, salt and sugar and shared them.

We have tasted fruits from Handa’s Surprise and used water colours to do observational paintings, looking at the shape, size and colour of the real fruits.

The children have built up new vocabulary from these first hand experiences talking about the things they have observed.


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Sam, Kay, Patricia  and Marie welcome you to the Discovery zone.


In the Discovery Zone the children have been doing lots of activities based on storybooks with Lizz & Patricia.

We have been reading Handa’s Hen, Handa’s Surprise  by Jill Murphy and The Shopping Basket by John Burningham.





We have tasted different fruits & juices, learnt about maps, African animals and  done counting activities based on Handa’s Hen.


We have made our own versions of the story. We have retold The Shopping Basket toy animals and a story map.

This week we have been making our own shopping baskets using boxes and a variety of other materials.


The children are learning to:

Construct with a purpose in mind, using a variety of resources

Select tools & techniques needed to shape & assemble materials they are using 

Expressive Arts & Design: Exploring & using media & materials

The children are also creating & thinking critically; having their own ideas & choosing ways to do things.

Tamar's bag

“This is how you make a bag. Listen to me. Cut the bag. Take the lid off. Take the side off. When it’s open just cut this bit. Colour inside.”


“I need more sticky tape for that line there so it does not open. Its superstrong.”


Tia persevered unrolling the tape and was able to attach handles to her shopping basket

“ How  can we make it with no tape? It’s not sticking. I am careful with scissors.”


“ Have this tape. It’s stronger.”

“When I went outside the wind blew the handle off. I need the super strong tape.”


Jayden using strong tape

Yabonette's bag


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