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Welcome to our new radio podcast station at Nell Gwynn; The East Peckham Pod(cast).

Keep checking this page for more jam packed radio podcasts showcasing what the children have learnt, stories recorded by our staff and much much more!

Click on the link below to access our podcasts so far:


Episode 1 – Radio pilot: Ismail reads his own version of Goldilocks.

Episode 2 – The children talk about what they know/have learnt about spring, Lizz reads her own story and we have a bit of “Nursery Nonsense” where the children tell their own jokes.

Episode 3- The children talk about their experiences at forest school. Baliquees tells us about her day. The children make a farmyard sound picture and we finish with a song from Talia and Taleena. 

Episode 4

 School Radio  4 learning Trip to Portugal


Episode 5

One Comment to East Peckham Pod

  1. Paul Hood says:

    A Day at the Farm is brilliant! Charlie likes when the pigs go in the red well. Emily’s favourite bit is when the goat knocks over the lady! Great results and as usual for Nell Gwynn, good use of the new digital technology.
    Can’t wait for more!

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